You think Yoga is just stretching?

Hah! It is. But it is also a lot more. Some study findings:

Yoga Breathing & Relaxation Lowers Blood Pressure as Much as Aerobic Exercise

If the Yoga practice focuses on mental relaxation and breathing techniques, blood pressure is reduced to as large as 11/6 mmHg, equal to or exceeding those reported for aerobic exercise training. There is still a smaller reduction if the practice is more on the wild side.

Maybe that’s why we feel so good after Yoga. So don’t walk out in Savasana. And practise that Ujaii breath when your boss is an ass again.

Yoga is as Heart-Healthy as Aerobic Exercise

Doing Yoga improves a range of heart disease and diabetes risk factors. Heart rate drops significantly, while good cholesterol rises. Same as aerobic exercise.

Yoga also improves a broken heart. But that’s just my experience.

Yoga Shows Significant Impact on Depression – But Over Time

Significant benefits start to show at three and six months. In this study more than half of depression sufferers doing yoga saw their symptoms improve by over 50%. It’s probably easier to pick up the habit when feeling better. Don’t tell your depressed friend who’s rolled up in a ball crying to just do some yoga though. Not helping.

Yoga Works as Well as Physical Therapy for Back Pain

12 weeks of yoga works as well as 12 weeks of physical therapy in relieving lower back pain (for adults with moderate, persistent pain). And it’s more fun. Unless that physical therapist is really nice. But then your Yoga teacher might also be.

You see, Yoga does more than make your butt perky. But it also makes your butt perky. Another nice side effect.

Want to read more about the study? Click here!

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